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Seahorse Bioscience is a private company that develops and manufactures cellular bioenergetics analytical instruments. Seahorse also manufactures consumable labware products and consumables for measuring cell metabolism. The company was formerly known as Thermogenic Imaging. Recognized for developing novel, leading-edge cellular bioenergetic technologies, the company is best known for developing novel, leading-edge cellular bioenergetic technologies, the company is best known for developing the XF Extracellular Flux Analyzer.

A dissatisfied client writes" The management is a total sham. Their services are poor with no credibility. Their products are not up to the task, it expires earlier than the expected time. From the top tiers to the lowest ranks are very disrespectful."

A former employee said “While working at Seahorse Bioscience I had co-workers who lie to management, and had difficulties to work with a staff member who sought out drama"


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"Very difficult to work with particular staff member who sought out drama"


"none, everything good, work hard , play hard"

Foreman/Technician says

"Co workers who lie to management figuring they will get out of it"

Second Shift Lead Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"great work environment, great coworkers. a lot of opportunities to learn new things. management was very friendly and well balanced. hardest part of the job was staying awake."

Project Engineer/Designer Consumables (Former Employee) says

"Being a small company, they required me to have many responsibilities, from product and tooling design, to manufacturing floor layouts. Speaking with the customer was required to define product design. Design of semi-auto equipment was required for post work"

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